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Wednesday,  April 13, 2011

Rita's Ice for Autism

Here at the Red City Outlaws we encourage and commend our players and staff to volunteer their time and services for a good cause. A prime example of such selflessness was demonstrated today up in Royersford, PA by one of our veteran players, J.D. Hayward. Outlaws owners had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Hayward via phone conference regarding his experience at the Rita's Ice for Autism event and were also able to get an understanding as to why he felt so moved to participate:

Owners: " What motivated you to participate in this event?"

J.D.: " I have an autistic cousin that I basically raised from birth until 3 years old. We moved to Pottstown for lack of better education where we lived. My aunt was heavy into drugs and I didn't want anyone to know, but my schooling was being affected. To this day my cousin calls me "Dad" despite my efforts to have him call me "Cousin John" or just "John", but I don't mind it."

Owners: " It must have been tough growing up with someone who has autism, so what advise would you give to the world on living with an autistic person?"

J.D: "Patience. You have to have patience because if you don't you will frustrate yourself and it's unfair to them."

Again, the Red City Outlaws wuld like to thank J.D. for his time. We commend you for your wonderful, positive, and selfess contribution to Rita's Ice for Autism!



Tuesday,  June 7, 2011

PARADE & FESTIVAL:  The Outlaws will be participating in the 5th Annual Afro/Latino Parade & Festival.  Come out and show your support on this great day, and meet/greet the Red City Outlaws Football Team!!  


Saturday,  June 11, 2011

2011 Afro / Latino Parade & Festival Photos:


Sunday,  September 15,  2013


Saturday,  October 26,  2013

"RED CITY OUTLAWS"  Fundraiser

Hello Everyone,

“The Red City Outlaws” of Reading, Pa will be joining Haydenfilms Institute in a regional fundraising campaign on SEPTEMBER 15, 2013 from 10 am to 4:30 pm. We are calling the community to action and looking for COMMITTED, RELIABLE, AND PASSIONATE individuals to make a difference in the community they live in and lend a helping hand.

As the only and premier adult minor league foot...
ball team in the Berks County, “The Red City Outlaws” have a goal of showing their commitment to the community they live in and are committing to a community service effort to gain visibility for their organization.

Haydenfilms Institute, a local nonprofit, is partnering with “The Red City Outlaws” in a joint fundraising effort to rally volunteers to go canning and raise money for both Haydenfilms’ nonprofit mission and ongoing Youth Media Initiative program. In addition, 30% of all funds raised for the day will also be supporting athletic development for “The Red City Outlaws.”

The more volunteers we can inspire to join us, the more money we can raise to help “The Red City Outlaws” and HFI simultaneously.

Haydenfilms has agreed to share their fundraising permit and collection resources with all volunteers for the September 15th event.

Haydenfilms’ Youth Media Initiative, a project that works with at-risk teens from the Reading area, are continuing their efforts to partner with projects that inspire youth.

It is important all of us attend this fundraising day, invite your friends, and plan to have a fantastic day! As a team we look to break the record and keep moving forward!! Please share this event page with everyone you know.

Again, the event runs all day from 10:00 am-4:00 pm .The main meeting location for the day will be at 11th Street and Rockland, at the Giant Food Stores parking lot! To gain the most we can, please try to clear your day for the allotted time, dress in comfortable sneakers, and bring water and snacks for the day! Let’s all put a hand in and raise some money for two amazing causes.

Meeting Place: The corner of 11th Street and Rockland- Giant Parking Lot!

Here are a few links to review before fundraising with “The Red City Outlaws” and Haydenfilms Institute’s Youth Media Initiative:

Red City Outlaws Website:


Recent publication in Atlanta, Georgia’s Youth Today. http://www.youthtoday.org/view_article.cfm?article_id=6075




Haydenfilms Institute

9999 Hamilton Blvd.,  One TEK Park,  Suite 230
Breinigsville, PA  18031  /  (323) 418 - 2816  www.haydenfilmsinstitute.org

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